Mar 24, 2020
Preliminary (46/? chp)
This will be a short review since I highly recommend you go into this blind.

Where do I start?

Shadows House is quite a peculiar manga with an abnormal setting. It follows the relationship between Emilyko, a living doll, and her shadow master Kate. Emilyko has a duty to clean the room of her master who continues to emit soot that dirties her living space.

And we'll stop there for introductions.

Shadows House is still in publishing but what's nice are the fully-colored chapters in tandem with Soumatou's cutesy art that work well in creating a mysterious atmosphere.

As the manga goes on, you might pick up on various points of world-building and character, and it might do you well to keep these in mind as you read through. Like another certain Shounen Jump series, Shadows House has its own way of storytelling that's sure to keep fans of the mystery genre hooked. And maybe you can find out what it is before they tell you.

I might have said too much already so I'll leave the detective work to you.

Did I already say to go in blind?
Reviewer’s Rating: 9
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