Mar 24, 2020
Essenic (All reviews)
Who Made Me A Princess is the best Otome-Isekai story I have ever read.

With a refreshing take on the isekai genre, Who Made Me A Princess doesn't repeat the same tropes that most isekai have.


Story (8):
With a pretty big plot-twist, Who Made Me A Princess does a good job keeping the audience's attention. It's a easy and very enjoyable binge read. The pacing isn't too fast or slow. It does have a magic system that is briefly addressed. I personally would like to know more about how the magic system works, but I feel like the author taking its time helps the readers focus on the drama between the main characters.

Art (10):
The best art I have ever seen. Better than a manga for sure. I would say it's on-par with the art from Made in Abyss' manga & anime. I feel like for once, the colors really elaborate a sense of prestige and wealth. It's colorful like No Game No Life's anime art but in its own sense.

Character (8):
The main character, Athanasia, is so cute and wholesome. Honestly, she is the most beautiful character in the whole manghwa. Anthanasia's personality is that of a top tier waifu (do I need to say anymore?). Athanasia's father, Claude, is handsome in his own way which really does show that he is an Imperial King. Claude's personality is somewhat boring, but it's understandable with his backstory. Lucas which is later showed is also amazingly portrayed with his own quirks that make him likable in a sense. Lucas' personality is really mature and is a character you can rely on. There are many other characters, but these three are pretty much the main that I personally enjoy.

Enjoyment (10):
It's a fun read which can easily be binge read. Personally, I read every new chapter the day it's available. That's all really because I think the score is enough said.

Overall Score: 9