Mar 24, 2020
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I'll go straight to the point coz this review will be more on characters so yeah if you're into slight NTR then go, this also is quite raepey, and lastly the synopsis is misleading, it's more like moral degeneration rather than the actual synopsis written, yeah NTR and moral degeneration, you heard that right after all the author is a hen artist

It's hilarious how people hate on Yoshino just because she's a little bitchy but if we count the crimes/wrong deeds we'll see who's the biggest and bigger evil

Top 3 biggest evil

1. Ema = The biggest evil, pedo rapist, sexually harassed an underage girl and corrupted her
2. Anna = Second biggest evil, the only justifying her actions are because she's young and naive and but you can't deny she used all three girls, did Miku wrong, did Ema wrong, did Yoshino wrong, without the justifications and because she has been victimized and corrupted by Ema, she should have been the biggest morally wrong character of the show
3. Yoshino = she acts a little bitchy but find me where she did wrong besides acting bitchy, yes, she mentally hurt Ema but we later knew that's just her role playing personality kink and actually cares for Ema, Yoshino and Ema's relationship can be justified with a poor conversation skills, they're both bad at it so their incompatible but neither of them is in the wrong, inb4 also a pedo, yes but the difference with Ema's one sided sexual assaults, is when Miku and Yoshino did it, Miku initiated it and it was mutual

Almost forgot, she's also the reason why Anna did not became the monster that they described her to be and pull her on the right path along with Miku

Also credit her slight pushes towards Ema when they work together coz Ema always depress

Top 1 angel and best girl

1. Miku = the only one who DID NOTHING WRONG but love, got victimized and used multiple times and remain pure and find a real one


When Miku and Yoshino are more interesting than the boring main couple 4/10