Mar 24, 2020
Freesia (Manga) add (All reviews)
a-k-killer (All reviews)
this is one of the most gruesome Mangas youll ever read , very disturbing on a psychological side of things to the point that youll jaw will drop at times .

youll follow a disturbed guy who works in crime .. so to speak , but the thing is .. this guy ( our hero ) is insane !

he have some mental issues and a large number of those , hell hallucinate and see things all the damn time .

this is such a heavy read if you want to follow a " good " character because the main guy here is a criminal and the story here will not get any lighter it only gets darker and darker to the very end!

.. i kinda loved this , i love a good mind twist of a story and this really delivered in that regard , read this if you wanna dive into the mind of a madman !