Mar 24, 2020
Damerino (All reviews)
Hey, look at me, I can't write anything satisfactory, hahahaha. - Kishimoto.

Lemme start by saying, I don't like "Naruto" (let alone "Boruto"). I had seen it as a child and I remember loving it but you know how it goes, kids doesn't calculate stuff when watching something whereas now, I know that Naruto sucked some ass. Granted, there are genuine good scenes - be it a fight/s or emotional moment/s - but in 96% of its runtime was both unwatchable and unreadable, and I did both out of respect not for its author but for my love for it once. I didn't want to ignore it when as a kid it was one of the best shows I had seen.

Upon reading "Samurai 8" I learned something immensely important - you either start your career with a good work or you be always giving substandard works. The later is kishimoto's case. He after finishing Naruto has done some mistakes that I think are unforgivable: 1)Continuing Naruto's story but now not as a central figure (and by that I mean as a main character) but instead as a supporter, his son's supporter to be more precise. Boruto shouldn't have existed and we, the fandom, shouldn't even have known his name. It should have been left ambiguous. 2)Writing a new manga without thinking into that too much. Anything is possible but if you don't strike the public withing the first few chapters your series is destined to be doomed, which is "Samurai 8" was destined. Don't get me wrong, "Naruto" is his best work but I hated half of stuff that happened there and now with this cancelled work of his I can formerly say that his reputation is lowered a lot.

"Samurai 8" is... bad, but not the usual bad... super duper bad. The story is way too complex that needs at least 200 chapters to wrap it up that would make even the slightest sense, thing Kishimoto might had considered at one point. The characters aren't that great, both for the likability and characterization. They're aren't likable for the simple fact that they remind me of narutos. They're so similar that I really didn't dig the way he went on. He had several years to think about it and yet, he still didn't draw different characters nor a convincing story for us, the readers. You see, I don't want read something and pretend it's a fine manga because it's coming from a popular mangaka nor I want to read something because I have to. No, I read manga to learn something in it. If I don't learn anything i'd officially call it, "garbage". Its harsh but it's my thing, a thing that works on me a lot. Throughout the entire manga I was emotionless. I didn't feel nor sad, pain or happiness. Something was off, man. I wasn't invested in the story. Hachimaru's story wasn't made for me. His motivation was not good enough for me to follow his adventures nor other characters. They're are just there because they are. They exist because they're writen that way. They are of no use, except if the plot is in need, and that's something I don't appreciate.

As for the drawings, I honestly didn't care for them but they're clearly average or slightly above. His style is somewhat unique, I'll give you that much even though the proportions sometimes are presented to us in a non-realistic manner.

I didn't like "Samurai 8" and I hated most of it. It mainly was because of Kishimoto's previous work. If he had written this as his first manga, I might have liked it a little more. Unfortunately, this is not the case and the results are clearly being shown.