Mar 24, 2020
Dantalian2020 (All reviews)
This will be my first written review of this platform and will be taken by what is considered by many to be the best manhwa:

10/10 story: wonderful just that, Siu is a genius when it comes to creating a story that catches you from the first chapter read, for many it seemed boring to me, the story enchanted me, as if he is revealing us little by little Little the mysteries of the world of TOG ES is simply incredible, this is one of the few mangakas as well as an ode that tells you an event in chapter 1 and it is not if not within 100 chapters that reveals it, that makes for me tower of god be one of the best manhwas par excellence

art, here I will divide it into two: first season 3/10, it was disgusting the truth, why deny it, the characters and almost everything seemed to be with paint and it is understandable since Siu at first was disgusting drawing, I think the only thing it goes down that he drew were the scenarios but nothing else.
Second and third season 9.5: my goodness, but here the thing changes, the drawing, the lines, the art of siu gives a tremendous high, that makes it more enjoyable to continue reading the story

Characters 8.5: all the characters are well-worn, well-worked, and with a back story that makes you adore them unconditionally, they all have their moment to shine, here is not only the leading role that stands out, to be honest there are characters who are better at personality and stand out more than the protagonist himself and that is good, it is not like others that have been read where the protagonist is the center of attention, literally the protagonist can die and history will go its own way.

Enjoy 10/10: to some it may seem slow or boring, but for me it is the opposite, each chapter that I see fills me more and more with emotion, I cannot find it piece read more than 80 or 100 pages, and at the end a chapter I feel like reading more.

Overall 9.5 / 10: He said, and if I gave it a low rating with everything written, I would be commenting on sacrilege and offending one of the best stories I'm reading.