Mar 24, 2020
Dantalian2020 (All reviews)
My God, what an epic manga I just saw, sincerely the author riffled it with this manga.

Story 8/10: the story is unique, humanity vs. the gods, they will present in each fight the pasts of the respective characters so as to know their life story, they will mix reality with a touch of the author's imagination.

Art 9/10: his art is not bad, but it is not that he is the eighth wonder of the world. Another thing, the expressions of madness that the author draws are insane.

Characters 10/10: I will try to say it in a way that does not look like a fanboy ... THEY ARE GORGEOUS, not seriously speaking, the characters are unique in their own way, both gods and humans have a history and background that at the time of the truth you will be fond of both sides and you wish that neither dies, but the cruel reality is that you will have to choose one if or if.

Enjoy 10/10: if there is something in which shuumatsu stands out the most are his battles, they are absolutely epic, you will be satisfied, each fight shows the reason for his defeat.

In general 10/10: I have nothing more to say, I am more than happy to have lived for this great manga, if you are one of those who like to see fights without power up taken out of nowhere and a story that will leave you with the hype for the airs with each chapter.
What are you doing reading this and you are not running to read the manga.