Mar 24, 2020
Furuzaki (All reviews)
"Ryota Yamane sets out to steal a girl's panties and creeps into her room only to find her dead body. Why doesn't he go to the police? Because he is holding another girl captive in his room. The next day, police come to question him suspecting him of murder! Will this pervert be able to reveal the real murderer's true colors?!" - BookWalker (MAL doesn't have a synopsis for this manga)

Story: Wow, this story got real intense really fast. Sure, it's only a one-volume story, but damn I got hooked right away. But there is just one slight problem that many people would question. A girl that is kidnapped helps her kidnapper to not get arrested for murder. I mean, she would get rescued if the police searched the mans apartment, right? So what the hell is going on here!?

That's how some people would react when reading this manga, the question is if they can accept the story without thinking too much about the minor details.

Art: Okay so the art ain't the best, but it's not ugly. It's a bit old, yes. But the character designs are solid, and the backgrounds are good enough. And most importantly the "hostage detective" herself is a very beautiful girl that spends most of the time in her underwear. So, yeah, good enough. I do want to add, there is very little actual fan-service, it's not that kind of story, which is why you need to enjoy the underwear scenes.

The bad things about this manga is the translation and editing. The Japanese letters are sometimes still there, and the English translation is written somewhere near. It makes the publisher feel lazy for not properly removing all raw text. The actual translation is good, but not perfect. Regular manga can have a few spelling errors, mistakes happens. But this manga has grammar errors, several of them. So it's not "just a mistake", it's lack of knowledge by the staff. Heck, I'm not a native English speaker but even I notice some awkward sentences several times while reading this manga.

But the manga is still good. The price is low enough to overlook the small mistakes, and the story is certainly one to remember. It's only 1 volume, but that was all the author needed to make one intense murder case.

PS: The second volume is a like a spin-off, this review is about the first volume.