Mar 23, 2020
JaemJaz (All reviews)
Truly a fulfilling read. The manga starts slow and is more similar to a gag comedy at first, but picks up and barrel rolls into becoming a full on Shounen Action manga. While the main character Sawada Tsunayoshi is a bit self-centered and pathetic at first, you will keep coming back for the lovable characters that are first presented (such as Yamamoto Takeshi and Reborn) and unlike in many mangas, you will come to love and appreciate Tsuna as his true character develops thanks to his Hitman Tutor Reborn. While the ending of the manga is a bit rushed, almost all the arcs are flushed out very nicely and are truly amazing in their own rights, some of the most well thought out arcs I've seen of any manga. A read I'll never forget and a series that is truly a hidden gem!