Mar 23, 2020
LightingFox14 (All reviews)
Okay I don’t know how I can explain this so I will be using some examples. It was just another normal day and I wanted to read some Yuri so I randomly picked one. There was 2 things I was looking for. 1. Yuri but not too much 2. Have slice of life. But all I got was the exact opposite of what I wanted. This manga has so much romantic scenes and barely any slice of life. It’s only focus was romance it didn’t even show much about their other problems in life. It only show their relationships with their lovers. Take citrus or bloom into you as examples you can see it has a huge difference because the two manga’s doesn’t only focus on Yuri but also their life and other problems they have and in the first chapter it literally shows Yuri scenes straight up and that’s too fast and basically each chapter all how those scenes. The art style is fine it’s not great there’s noting special but not bad and the characters are normal but there’s one character that’s personality is too weird I mean 2 person. When I started reading this all there is is romance and I literally got so bored and it was so boring and it ruined my manga experience. The only thing that was on my mind is hurry up and finish this so I don’t have to see this again because if I don’t finish something like this then I might come back in the future to read it and I don’t wanna ever read this again. The main reason of me disliking this is because of the lack of slice of life. But around chapter 22 I kinda liked it a bit more but after chapter 22 it got back to normal, if it wasn’t for that I would rate it even lower but chapter 25 was a bit better then other chapters but still the manga is mostly about girls doing perverted things to each other and not much else.