Mar 23, 2020
iustin22anime (All reviews)
I think everyone who has been informed about the Twin Star Exorcist manga (Sousei No Onmyouji) already knows the main story so I won't be too complicated to do this review

Story 10/10

Art 10/10
It was a fantastic art

Caracter 10/10

Because I liked the anime so much the anime I wanted to read the manga at Sousei no onmyouji because I thought it was my favorite anime and it will be in the manga too, but surprisingly for me, the manga it was the opposite of the 30 episodes created or studio studio, in the manga there was more action a better plot of the story and of course many characters who say strong case and die quickly that was very fine.In the manga I especially liked the mangaka Sukeno Yoshiaki, who in the last chapters of the exorcist Twin Star manga brought a few characters from the exorcist Twin star anime created by Pierrot studio the one who was a fan but he put them on display. their new and better one , for example Suzu and Kinako . And Yuto in the manga is a better antagonist with an excelent backstory .

Overall 10/10
Yeah Manga Twin star Exorcist(Sousei No Onmyouji ) is my favorite manga and i put 10/10