Dec 29, 2010
JackCox (All reviews)
One of the best Anime I've seen in a while.

I watched this show with the English Dub. If you watch it in English you will find it generally stays true to the story however, some Japanese references will be lost and put into a reference people in North America can understand. One example is in one episode you will hear them talk about Shows from North America like Dexter and the mentioning of HBO.

The Show takes place in the Edo Period of Japan, it's a time when many forms of entertainment have been outlawed, One of the people affected by this Sekichi Tamaya, a fireworks manufacturer tries to put on shows for the entertainment of the people of Edo but he quickly finds himself dodging the authorities who try to arrest him for breaking the law, he comes upon a mysterious girl named Sora who asks Sekichi to build him a rocket to the Moon and that is how Oh Edo Rocket begins.

What I like about this show is that it perfectly balances the Serious and the Not-So-Serious, it knows when to be funny and when to advance the plot. The story is very well-written, High Marks here for originality because i never thought I'd be seeing a story like this.

The Artwork in the story is rich, vibrant and full of color. I still have no idea why Shinza, Santa, Rokube's Wife and Rokube are drawn so radically different from some of the other characters, If I can ever get to ask Mr. Mizushima about that, it will be the first thing I do.

The music in this show is fantastic and it's very memorable, but it will likely appeal to those who enjoy Jazz music like myself.

As for the English Dub performances, this is probably one of the best English Dubs I've heard, Vic Mignogna has a lot of Detractors, there will be people who hate him and people who like him on a personal level. Some people say there were roles he did ruin. I think Vic is a great actor when he is given roles that are very strange or bizarre, his Character in this one, Tetsuju is probably one of the funniest characters ever written for an anime, I can tell you that once you see him in this role you will likely agree with me that this and not Edward Elric is the best role he's done in his career, he pretty much steals the show everytime he's on screen in this one.

Other standout performances include Chris Cason as the tragic figure of Genzo and new-comer Jonathan Brooks as the sly Ginjiro. The Leads are well played by Greg Ayres and Brina Palencia, who in my opinion always gives a great performance. Tyler Walker did a great job with voice-over on this series, but it should come as little surprise because most of his dubs have been fantastic (Even people who don't like Blassreiter overall, have admitted that he did a fantastic job with the actors on that show.)

I would definitely say the one problem with this show may be that it maybe went six episodes too long. A major plot point wraps up on episode 20. However, as I look at the episodes beyond 20, I think there would be a few things that the audience would be clamoring to find out if it ended at 20 that only get resolved in the final couple of Episodes (I.E. Genzo's fate).

Overall, Oh Edo Rocket is worth checking out if you are clamoring for something unique and different. It's not for everybody but if you want to laugh hard, this is the cure!