Mar 16, 2020
Agent_Redacted (All reviews)
I watched this with a friend of mine. It was pretty good and we were so into it we both gave it a 10/10. Why? Well...

Though the anime doesn't offer much because of it's lack of episodes. The anime does portray a small image of how strong love could be. And the fact that if it happens. It just does. Love can come in any form. Either forcefully or passionately. It's still a form of love.

Tying up your girl and forcefully fucking her. Using power to pin your girl and fuck her. Bring your girl to another world and live together forever. Hahaha. Honestly this anime was pretty messed up we nearly dropped it but later on realized it's true art so we gave it a solid 10/10.

The art was ok. The sound was ok. Characters were pretty hot. Story's ok but I'd love it if it was longer. Overall ok hand.