Mar 12, 2020
Cindy-Uchiha (All reviews)
Story 10:
Story to be divided into 2 parts: the real life & the stories.
Real life: twist on the 1001 Nights classic. You have the crazy sultan, but Sahaar is a boy instead of a girl who took his sisters place to be sent into the harem. Sahaar calms the sultan with his stories. Besides their relationship, there's also the history of the Sultan that made him the crazy ruler he is now, which is also really interesting.

The stories: the irony is that this manga is a twist within a twist.
really good and interesting, and I believe some, of not all, are real historical stories with a twist. And since they're stories, the twist is okay (I usually get annoyed when seeing people twist history). I'd rate those stories really high if they were seperate mangas.

A lot of development on the Sultan's side. He starts of as this crazy dude, and you'll slowly discover what made him that way, and you'll see him deal with his past and become a better man. For his kingdom and for Sahaar hihi.
Sahaar kinda stays the same. The only thing truly developing is his feelings for the Sultan. He's very likable: smart, pretty, capable.
Also that guy with the lamb omg read it and you'll know.