Mar 9, 2020
EisenhornPuritus (All reviews)
At this point (Chapter 13) I can say with no shame that this is a GOOD isekai manga, way above most of them. I started reading it, as many, because of meme magic. I just wanted to see an Isekai with Putin riding monsters and defeating enemies left and right.

Instead (Or we could say "also"), I got a fun, engaging manga, with atypical characters (None free from imperfection), above average art and some interesting twists on the most basic isekai tropes. It's too soon to emit a deep analysis on it at this point, I think, but I would definitely recommend it to anybody who likes fantasy stories, not just isekai fans. It seems to be going a bit into "settlement management", we could say, something I always appreciate in manga about people from the present sent to fantasy worlds.

I'll keep an eye on it from now on. Good stuff.