Mar 4, 2020
naerbo (All reviews)
Sorry. Had to write this review because it annoyed me how good this story could be if not for chapters after 15 or 16. Have tried to keep spoilers to a minimum, but there could be some. Sorry.

The art is clean, easy to read and enjoyable. Which is nice when we get to bloodsplattering later. Nicely detailed.

Main charater is an "evil" dragon (if you read the story until 25 you'll understand) who in the beginning have dragon form. In early story he becomes human, and never shows his true form again except his arms. Not you typical mister nice guy, ISN'T CHASTE, but has borrows some traits from other nice isekai mains. Never had anything against chaste mains, but other people dislike it apparently. My problem with him is that he isn't consistent about who of Irenu's abusers he kills. He also lets her go alone after someone who sold Irenu into slavery.

That said Irenu is this series respite from the rest of the story. She's loyal a bit too fast, but this didn't annoy me while reading.

My main gripe is the story post 15/16. When I was finished with chapter 25 my first thought was NOPE. This is not an easygoing cute isekai although it borrows some elements of it. Could be a nice story with action and emotional scenes but is not. Also uses atleast 3 instances of kids to evoke emotion, but I got numb at number 3 and that was the right call by far.

Sorry this is a relativly badly written review, but it is my first time writing one and it has good points, but also flaws and bad elements where the latter is the one's I remember more.