Mar 4, 2020
fantasyflanfan (All reviews)
Tenchi Souzou Design-bu is a simple comedy manga that centers on heaven employees called designers and angels that God puts in charge of creating all the animals. God isn't featured as a character, just a faceless voice that gives silly requests for animals (often in riddles) and the design team has to try and make an animal that fits. Each chapter features 3 different animals in the story with an info-spread about them at the end, similar to Seton! Academy.

I enjoy the ways the author comes up for explanations for certain evolutionary features, it's funny. It's a little flat, especially the characters, but it is an enjoyable little gag manga with some interesting concepts. And although the characters are shallow they have interesting designs and amusing interactions, just no growth. There isn't anything deep here but it's not really trying to be. It helps that the chapters are short but the setup gets a little repetitive. If you are really into the concept I'd give it a shot, don't feel like I wasted my time.