Dec 26, 2010
DangoSage (All reviews)
OK first of all, before you pick up this series, throw every expectation out of the window! Literally!
Here's the most common perception people have on this anime;
-"Oh god, It's another lolicon's anime!"
Well, that's my first perception on it, but I can assure you, only the opening looks lolicon-ish. The rest of the show doesn't really promote pedophilia. How can you when the main villain of this series has gigantic b**b!

-"Wow! A mystery anime! Finally I get to watch something else other than Detective Conan!"
Once again, throw away that perception. Did the title say Detective Holmes? No. Unlike Detective Conan, it's clearly not stated it's a detective show. Closest you'll get to them solving a case is almost to nil. The only mystery here is how they lost their powers and will they ever get it back.

-"Wow! An anime about cute little girls with superpowers!"
What do you think this is? The Powerpuff girls? Once again, No. I dont wan't to give any spoilers here but I can tell you, most of the time in the show isn't about special powers. Do not expect Alice Academy here.

Other than that, if you gotten rid of all those three widely mistaken perception and just think of it as a comedy based anime, then im sure you'll be greatly entertained.

Their stupidity and plain randomness is enough to leave your face bruises all over (Due to the excessive face-palm) Not to mention, throw in a narcissistic teacher, and you have the complete recipe for pure random comedy.
Not to mention throw in a few panty shots.

The art is pretty well done, it compliments the cheery and positive outlook the character have on their life, despite the misery it comes along for everyone else.
Sound was exceptionally done. I especially love the sound effect you get when their toys are activated.
Each character has their own unique personality, you wont find 2 or more characters in this anime with the same personality. However, be prepared for some cliche characters especially for the villain side.

Moreover, this anime is enjoyable for every age group.. Yes, that means you too you lolicons! You would probably enjoy re watching all those funny moments of the narcissistic and all of this antics.

Overall it is quite a unique and hilarious anime if you discard all your expectation. Come in with nothing, come out bursting with laughter (and bruises on your face) On one condition that you survived watching the first few episodes. (Im sorry to say but the action and comedy picked up midway through the anime, so does the fanservice bit)

And there you have it,
Haremu Kingu, signing off!