Feb 27, 2020
CAPSY723 (All reviews)
Honestly, the manga is strange, ugly, and yet weirdly charming in it's own way. The stories are disconnected and disjointed, but at the same time hilarious and unsettling. The author has her own story (unfortunately killing herself from likely stress from the popularity of this series, along with untreated manic depression) that I think definitely influences the darkness and surrealism of the story. But it's never 'dark' in a 'woe is us' way. It reminds me of what Jorge Luis Borges said of the comedic book Candide (I'm paraphrasing Borges here), 'the book undermines it's pessimism by the joy and creativity in the way it tells its story.'

The best way I can probably describe it is a guy telling a dark story about some fool who died and is laughing all the way through, it's dark but you'll laugh and then laugh at yourself for laughing at something like that.Also, the whole manga has a childlike, dream world vibe, which honestly a crucial part of the feeling of the series.

Overall, very good, and would recommend for those who don't have either a faint heart or wouldn't mind dark jokes.