Feb 21, 2020
Nicholaevich (All reviews)
Kogane no Hana is an incredibly boring film from 1929, just before all those cute propaganda films with the animals started rolling out. It’s about some random guy who takes a wrong turn like an idiot and ends up on a wacky adventure. Despite being 16 minutes, it takes about an hour to watch due to all the pausing out of boredom.

This kind of old animation always felt like something that should be experienced as a sort of community event. Kind of like a play put on for little kids, but it’s charming and wholesome enough that the adults can enjoy it too. But watching it on a laptop at 9pm is just an absolute chore. The animation is stiff as hell and the pacing makes modern One Piece look likes it’s moving too fast. If I didn’t know any better, I’d mistake this for a sleep-aid.