Feb 14, 2020
itz_slugg (All reviews)
I mean, this is the most typical shounen you will ever find out there, but I don't hate it, quite the opposite actually. I've been trying to get into Chinese anime recently, but I just can't help but think that Japanese suits anime better. If you aren't bothered by something like that, then this show is pretty decent. It doesn't hurt to go back to our shounen roots for a little bit. It's a little funny here and there, but again, the language barrier kind of makes it hard to make sense of the jokes they make.

The story, as I said before is pretty mediocre and cliche, and as I've said before in other reviews, I don't really mind that. That said, I can't say this story is good, because it's really not. Spoilers ahead, the story is about an immortal dude who can clap anything in his vision in one shot, and defeated a major threat to the city in one shot of 50% of his power. He changes peoples' memories to make it look as if this other dude does everything, and he does nothing. A beautiful, strong girl, as always, falls in love with him for his, insensitivity? I'm not sure, but those scenes are pretty well written so I'm not going to comment.

Art is a no brainer. It looks beautiful, character designs are awesome. I wish they showed more flashy moves and stuff though. Main character's looks suit him, along with his friends, and of course the main heroine. This setting gives me memories of Saiki Kusuo. This may even be a complete copy of Saiki Kusuo to be fair. It's awfully similar, and kinda sus if you ask me.

Sound is pretty good too. OP and ED I haven't bothered listening to, but I don't think they're too bad, or amazing either. The background music suits the scene very well, but sometimes, it disrupts the scene which is why it's an 8 for me, and not a 10.

Characters, just like the story, are very generic. As I mentioned before, it's literally a copy of the Saiki Kusuo characters, or at least very similar (would highly recommend the anime, called The Disastrous Life of Saiki Kusuo). Nevertheless, they are engaging, yet again ruined by the language barrier, but I wouldn't say it negatively affects the show. It's good, but it's generic, so a 5 does it justice.

Enjoyment is an 8 for me. This would be better if I understood Chinese, but eh, it's nevertheless fun to watch. This is more of an opinion based part, so there will be people who don't like the anime, and people like me, who enjoy it.

Overall, Chinese anime is getting better and better. Quanzhi Gaoshou, Quanzhi Fashi, this anime, and others are coming out, and Chinese anime is evolving pretty well. Maybe a little bit of difference in setting, character, and other aspects of the show would be nice. Meaning, don't copy off of other anime to make it look good. Bring in some new elements. It's still a show I recommend, if you're just bored as hell and need a shounen dopamine boost.