Feb 14, 2020
Spoonmaster12 (All reviews)
brilliant anime that goes nowhere

ERASED is one of the most popular anime of 2016 and I know it is old now to review it, but I will do it anyways since I always wanted to review this anime. Starting off, the main plot line of erased is immediatly the most engaging parts about this anime. An mc that has the power to rewind time, and gets rewinded all the way back to when he was in elementary school to stop a murder sounds amazing, and for the most part it is. Yes, although we have seen this "time rewind" plot line to save someone, in many other tv shows, most notable being Re zero, Steins;gate and a lot more to list. Aside from the similarities to other show, ERASED still feels like a completely original take on the time rewind genre and executes it's plot well.

The characters for this show are simply fun to watch, I love the relationship between Satou and Kayo, even though it is kind of creepy if you think about it. Even still, Satou and Kayo's relationship was one of my favorite parts about this anime. Their interactions with one another always felt heartwarming and fun to watch. Unfortunatly, they don't really take their relationships anywhere by the end of it, which is unfortunate. Some of the supporting characters were also well written, such as Satou's mother. However, some characters felt unecessary. A huge thing that everyone complains about this anime is "THE KILLER IS WAY TOO PREDICTABLE". And it's true, the killer is extremely predictable and you instantly know who the killer is the moment they are on screen.

None of the openings or endings for this show felt like they were "good". The music in this show is pretty passable for me, and I didn't feel the need to add any of them to my playlist. The opening is still not bad and it's okay to say the least and I don't even know what the ED sounds like, which means it's forgettable.

The art wasn't anything too special, but still suitable for the theme of this show. The art didn't make me want to ever stop watching this anime, but I wouldn't say it's extraordinary or anything like that. I liked the art for what it was.

There are some very heavy topics explored in this show and they are explored really well. This show also provides a lot of sad and heartwarming moments such as that one dinner scene, which just makes you feel sympathy for the characters.

There isn't really much use of Satou's ability throughout the anime except for maybe two or three times and neither is his ability really explained at any point of the show. Now comes my biggest hatred about this show, which is the ending. The ending is so bad that it's TERRIBLE. The show ends in the most non sensical head scratching, wtf moment ever. And spoiler alert, Satou and Kayo don't really end up together, which sucks because I wanted them to become a couple.

Overall, I did enjoy this anime except for the ending, and it's definetly something I would recommend.