Feb 14, 2020
TheZilla (All reviews)
For Index/Railgun fans who have been following since the debut of Toaru Majutsu no Index, anime or not, aren't you all excited for the new season of Railgun after literally a decade? Personally, I am not one of those people who have been following the Index series since that long time ago, however, a fan is still a fan no matter how old or new are you to the series isn't it?

With that being said, J.C. Staff honestly flopped season 3 of Toaru Majutsu no Index that was released just 2 years back during 2018. And then last year came Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator, was it amazing? I wouldn't say it was amazing, but it passes for an anime (barely). However, just by looking at this new season of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun really makes me wonder if the staff working at J.C. Staff are trolling with us or not since they literally proved that they can make an anime look good, sound good and most importantly, have a storyline that doesn’t feel like some thrown-away script found in the dumpster.

We start off with the events that following the storyline of Index 2 which might have confused the people who haven’t actually watched the Index series which FYI is the parent story of Railgun and that Railgun is just a side-story. But thankfully the series quickly diverges away from Index and into its own set of storylines. The Daihasei Festival is about to begin, and that the committee managing it tries to find Level 5 espers for their opening ceremony speech. After getting rejected by several Level 5s, they manage to find 2 espers willing to take the job. Through this event we can roughly guess the personalities of the Level 5 espers in Academy City, a selfish and overinflated ego-like personality due to being one of only 7 Level 5 espers that lie within the city.

Meanwhile, we have the usual Misaka gang—Uiharu, Kuroko, Saten & Misaka herself—doing the things they do best basically. Uiharu trying her best by doing her judgement work; Kuroko fantasizing about her being with Misaka; Saten doing her usual conspiracy theory thing-y; Misaka doing her usual walk around the park to beat up some level 0 thugs.
Despite the story starting off pretty chill and relaxing, we are only 6 episodes in and shit has just gone down, like down down. And it really made me realize that this is what I love about Railgun, the fact that they spend the first 2-3 episodes doing a quick memory jog and world-building, give you a good amount of time to breathe and understand the city before getting into the chase. This is really what railgun really does best and allows it to stand out among the hundred other shows that are airing alongside it this season. Despite being a sequel & a side-story, they still spend a considerable number of episodes doing world-building instead of getting into the action straight away, I would like to highly appreciate that.

Personally, if I were to compare this to Railgun or Railgun S, I would prefer T over both of them. Not because of the debut of Misaki, although many Toaru fans have always treated Misaki like a queen, I would just have to prefer Misaka over her. Wait, hold your horses for a minute, just a minute tks. I am not ready to get flooded by comments talking about Misaki in somewhere else besides this current railgun arc, so chill out. Okay back to the topic, if I were to be frank, I really loved the openings and endings for this current season, they just feel a slight better from the previous ones although I still love every song that fripside has ever produced so it might just be because it’s a fresh song and who doesn’t love new songs?

The sakuga for this series has not degraded, actually it felt like it has just gotten a notch better. Kudos to J.C. Staff for holding down their fort when it came to making the new season of Railgun since their recent productions honestly make them seem like they have just went all the way downhill. I especially loved the flying scene at the start of the opening theme, it reminds of a certain event in Railgun S where Misaka shot a railgun when she was all the way in the sky. And also that frame when Kuroko looked up, which follows up with Misaka looking down and flying down to the Earth was a nice transition that I really appreciated a lot. As a person that really appreciates openings, a bad opening equals to a bad start to an anime episode even if the episode ends up being good, a weird aftertaste will be left when I try to give the anime a score.

Overall, Railgun T at this point of time doesn’t seem to be an anime that would join its other fellow Toaru friends in the trash and instead actually stand out among the other anime that are airing this season. Calling this show bad would be more than an overstatement, cause it's amazingly blinding.