Feb 14, 2020
Kingdom (Manga) add (All reviews)
Sautori (All reviews)
I highly recommend reading Kingdom, to anyone who is willing to spend a bunch of time reading a detailed, action packed, interesting story about ancient China. I knew little about the warring states period before i picked up this manga, but the story made me excited about reading wikipedia articles and a whole book about the subject, and for me that is the power of this manga, and what makes it great instead of good.

The story is interesting enough to keep you around for the next chapter, and if you appreciate the discussion of ancient battle tactics you are sure to enjoy the long drawn out battles that occur in this manga, if that is not the case, this manga may not be for you.

The main characters have very clear ambitions and they dont surprise you that often, you get to explore their stories in quite a bit of detail, but the characters themselves arent that deep. The story is driven by the many well written side characters who interacts with the main crew along the way, these characters have various backgrounds, and some of them are interesting enough to keep you engaged.

The art is consistent, which i a quality that i really enjoy, it is rarely super impressive, but the level is consistently high, and you are never bothered by a lack of details, and the artist is great at making the eye focus on the essentials.

Overall i give this manga a 10/10 simply based on the immense enjoyment i have received from reading it.

I apologise for any grammatical errors , and hope that you will forgive me, as english is not my mothertongue.