Feb 14, 2020
ZzzEz (All reviews)
Quick and blunt, this show is mediocre. I keep getting told about how the manga is great and all but this is the anime and it should be judged as such. 5/10

Observation wise, the animation is very lacking, really rough and unnatural, especially with character movement. On the other hand, the sound is pretty standard, nothing much to say at all.

What really catches my eye are the characters, and not in a good way. Currently overplaying the “defenseless girl that needs help” and man, are they distractingly annoying. Then the MC is your average, overpowered somewhat edgy looking protagonist, who has extreme pervert syndrome, contagious to nearly all ecchi and harem protagonists.

Sure, the concept of counts was interesting but the whole show’s delivery and execution was poor. I did enjoy some moments though, just for that moment to be slapped out of my hand by the irritating characters, extreme cheesy-ness, cliches, troupes and bland experience. Just your, bottom of the barrel, ecchi show. Not even a good one at that.