Feb 14, 2020
thundercracer (All reviews)
Gakuen Babysitters was something I watched on a whim. It's a good anime to watch when you want something cute or you want to take a break from more intense/dark shows. It's a cute show about cute kids that's not portrayed in a creepy, loli way, which I was definitely thankful for. The characters are fun, energetic, and truly make the show.

The story is alright; it's not a super plot heavy/driven show to begin with. It's definitely more of a slice of life anime without any big build up or anything like that. It just shows the daily activities and antics of the Babysitters Club; though, the characters do make it enjoyable!

If you're looking for something with a lot of complicated plots and in depth character development, Gakuen Babysitters probably won't do it for you. But if you want a break from those kinds of shows or just enjoy cute slice of life anime, this is the show for you!