Feb 14, 2020
LowTierLowain (All reviews)
As most people who have watched this did, I watched the first episode expecting a few cheap laughs and then I figured I wouldn't bother with more, but as it turns out this series is actually....far, FAR better than it has any right to be with its cheap premise!

Our three heroes (and an ever changing special guest reviewer) take it upon themselves to review the brothels of their world, filled with various different species of fantastical creatures from fairies to minotaur ladies, elves to octopi and more.

As I said, its a fairly trashy premise but the reviews aren't all from a human perspective, as the first episode proves quite well, a busty, supple 500 year old elf lady isn't exactly appealing to another elf, who wants a partner with good mana, or a beastman/dog person, who thinks they smell pretty old and musty with their heightened sense of smell and isn't too enamoured with the looks so much as we are, being unaware of such things.

This creativity in the reviewers different outlooks lends the series a nice amount of charm and keeps things fresh as the differing opinions and wide variety of monster girls and scenarios mean things remain very creative and honestly, its surprising how endearing the main cast are in a show like this as well, with some actual character development (mostly from our fallen angel friend) and scenes giving us some small idea of what our heroes are actually supposed to be doing with their lives.

The art is actually very good for this kind of show, with good animation and very well done backgrounds/effects and very generous...H-scenes (It goes beyond Ecchi here, unless my understanding is very flawed) , I'm fairly certain we would see more low quality moments if so much of the show wasn't taken up by a large introductory segment often (but not always) featuring a clip from the episode itself and then the OP.

Speaking of the OP that is an absolute banger of a tune, an outrageously catchy beat that is often thought of as a mishmash of In The Navy and YMCA, it is simply beautiful to listen to and the rest of the into has great moments (such as the "joint thrust") as well.

The ED is about as catchy with great parts to it as well, also brilliant.

In conclusion, this series so far has just been outstanding in terms of how enjoyable it is and its reluctance to shy away from asking questions other shows would never dare to think of really makes me appreciate it even more, it is clearly worked on by people who adore the idea behind it and want to see it done well, easily one of the best shows of the season and I'd put good money in it being one of the best of the year.