Feb 14, 2020
Tybirius_R (All reviews)
Already liked the manga, so was quite happy when anime was announced.

When you get a manga/anime series with some fanservice, you know it can get sometimes very annoying when it happens just for the service, but this series EMBRACE the fanservice so really doesn't feel out of place/time.
As they review their fun time with monster girls, one would expect them to simply say which was hotter or what, but the fact they (reviewers) actually have mixed species AND mixed personalities, make this completely different, as a certain species can be overall pleasing for being submissive, but a guy that is shy and introverted give her a low score won't be out of place, will totally make sense. That's a very interesting part of the show.

If you don't mind some boobs, sex jokes, heavy innuendos (sometimes they show "grinding" but never the ACTUAL act), and like fantasy in general, this might pleases you (despite the controversies that are ocurring as of now on early 2020)