Feb 14, 2020
ohml (All reviews)
You know, I feel like the word underrated is overused. The term gets slugged around too much and has lost its meaning in the process. Scissor Seven, however, is not just underrated, it's a hidden gem.

It's the biggest strength by far is its creativity. It goes for everything. Ranging from the vast array of characters, and the absurd story, the unique animation, abrasive dialogue, or the beautiful action sequences. I promise you this is not a gimmick to garner views solely off of shock value, or this "random = funny" approach. It's as if the creative minds behind this received these blank cells, canvases, and scripts unaccompanied by restrictions and censorship. The show felt and looked like a passion project that was done by professionals.

The story, more specifically, the story progression, is phenomenal. It's not hard to figure out the key twists, and it's not because of bad storytelling. It seems like the producers wanted us to at least get a lead on our main character, leaving us to wait for Seven to catch up with the audience, waiting for that climactic "aha" moment. The show does an excellent job of throwing bones and keeping you entertained in between.

If you didn't find a particular technicality superb, the show still managed to do a decent job. What do I mean, you ask?

The character development is a bit lackluster, specifically for the side characters. However, I do appreciate the callbacks, and every character has at least has a decent, entertaining backstory. To the defense of the show, you can only do so much with the limitation Scissor Seven has, being this quasi-episodic show.

The voice acting is a maze, for me at least. The show was dubbed initially in Mandarin, and I'm used to watching in Japanese (which there is a dub for), but the English dub kind of lands the slapstick comedy the best. Albeit quite arduous and time-consuming, I often switched from English to Japanese, especially during the sakuga fight fests.

We need more shows like this. Call me childish, but it's pretty refreshing to hear the word "fuck" used so nonchalantly.