Feb 13, 2020
theRealGuyFieri (All reviews)
Boku no Hero Academia 2nd Season, or My Hero Academia, but I like to call it My Cliché Academia/ My "Hero" Academia.

I have no idea how but they managed to make it worse than the first season, of course, those reading must be like how? The scores on the second are better than the first, sorry kiddo but it ain't any better and I got a chunk of explanation to back my view up. Plus, if this is the highest-scoring season out of the series, god am I not excited by the next one. To start, why the fuck did they take so long at the sports festival plot. A long chunk of 11 episodes just to fit the festival, what's worse is that it doesn't even feel complete. What do I mean by complete? I just feel that it served very little purpose to the plot and that it didn't even touch on all the characters. The majority of the screen time is on Midori or Baku or Todoroki, every other character just felt like being dusted under a rug. Plus, why does the show say Midori is quirk-less? He clearly has the power of unlimited tears and word rambles. By no means is the festival close to being fair, the match-ups are fucked, rules kinda crooky and hell, how does this even add up to a "school sports festival". I know you must be thinking that it's the UA Academy so it's fine but that's not what I'm going for. A sports festival is somewhat base on sportsmanship and while competitiveness plays a part it is not the dominating factor. What the show did was remove any forms of sportsmanship and built beating others as the top ideology. My gosh was it a pain to see all the students so desperately trying to beat one another, like it's so bad that it's pointless of the whole 'festival' gimmick. But whatever, I'll swallow the pill, but what they showed was absolute bullshit, an example is Midori versus Shinsou (mind control dude). In no way should Midori have won but he still won anyways due to stupid plot armor, damn was I piss when I saw that, cause I really liked the Shinsou guy. Urgh, now we move on to the next half where it's about them getting an internship. I don't mind the concept but how the show executed the scenes is just awful. What I find the most troubling part is the villain Stain's design, he just looks like a TMNT rip off. I love his intensions but his doings are just so poor, yes by killing more heroes will I get my beliefs out to the public. I mean he did but his character was such a sort termed thing. I know people applaud the show for its amazing fight scenes, but don't let that fool you from its painful and super annoying emotional moments throughout every fight that anyone encounters. Truly, this repetitive format is what defeats the purpose of the fight scenes for me. Must everything be so damn emotional? Like I appreciate the Slice of Life and the school life parts but it's always disrupted by Midori's ultra emotional thinkings or sayings. Additionally, I can see that the series is slightly underbudgeted or under-produced. Now, you might think that's ridiculous but it's true, have you notice the amount of reused scenes and the super heavy text load one character says. Plus I counted the beginning and end of each episode, you are only getting 18 minutes of screen time. Well, the studio does a good job of hiding it I just wanted to point it out. Lastly, the villain, still such a weak and unlikeable side of the series. Plus what's worse is that this whole season is just for Shigaraki to realize that 'oh, I remembered my job'. Truly the writer sucks at making a good villain. I can go on but I think this will cover it.


Character- 6/10: Fuck the villains, trashy and unlikable as in the first season. Midori and Baku are like repelling magnets that the show just keeps trying to push them together. It is to a point where it's like a toxic relationship and it feels so forced. Clearly Baku can be a nice guy like to Kirishima but no, for Midori, I MUST BE STRAIGHT-UP CANCER and I'll use being a hero as an excuse. I love the other classmate, especially Kaminari. I just wished there was more scene time on them and not on Midori all the time.

Art- 8/10: It definitely spells out a very heroic kind of show, definitely love the ''EAT THIS" moment. I just wished there was less talking during fight scenes are they would actually just fight for real without interruptions.

Writing- 4/10: So cliché that it's sad. I know the show wants to built a strong fanbase and I do feel that motive to get involved in the characters but majority of the writing is just dog shit and bad. An example of how it could have been more interesting is to see work departments that utilizes people with a particular quirk in that area. I just want to see more creative incorporation of people's quirk in life. I love that they explained that having quirks stopped progression in civilization, which is understandable but I feel that it would be more interesting to dwell on that path instead of giving some shitty and shallow superhero show about just beating the villains. Oh please.

Sound- 4/10: The first intro sounds as if the microphone is far away from the band and the second intro just feels as if the band is just giving their 'practice' go at the song. Also, the show had the balls to play super emotional music at emotional scenes just to trick the audience into it even more. A bold move and I hate it.

Overall, I feel like ton of potential is wasted here. I feel a reason why this season is worse than the first is that the studio stretched the season out to 25 episodes. This made quantity over quality which I do find a shame. I'm probably going to watch the third season but I don't have high hopes on it.

Light 5