Feb 13, 2020
Christian-anime (All reviews)
When my friend told me about this series, I first thought it would be too “childish” to watch, and so I thought for the next few months. After struggling to decide what should I watch next I came across with this title. Good choice
Even if I was right, about it being childish, I really enjoyed a lot this show. The blend between the romance and comedy reaches a very interesting level of perfection. The fact that they are innocent children from start to end is very refreshing. I must admit tho at first, I thought they were like 8 years old or something (because they look like), but they are actually 12-14 years old.
If I had to be friends with these characters, it is very probable I would. I’ll give a short non-professional review on these characters, there isn´t much to spoil so read freely.

Nishikata: he is the typical teenager that can’t see past what’s obvious. He is only thinking on how to “defeat” Takagi-san and it becomes somewhere between frustrating and mildly-infuriating. Like, jeez boy, chill for a minute and grow up. Sometimes Takagi-san is being nice for real and you are spoiling it because of your childish thinking. I believe “annoying” characters should only be annoying to the other characters in the show, not to the viewer, and Nishikata sometimes is annoying to the viewer. But you know, we have to give him some credit, he’s going through out high school with this girl that keeps pocking him… he might feel like he will lose respect or something like that. I don’t remember what was like being a teenager. So yeah, watching Takagi-san openly telling him she likes him and him not taking it seriously is a pain.
On the other hand, we have Takagi-san, who seems to be more mature and aware that all of this is just childish. She just enjoys making Nishikata blush, it is very clear from first 15 minutes of the show both like each other. That´s the main reason she is there constantly bothering him. There isn´t much to say other than Takagi-san is very smart and fully aware of the simple-immature thinking of Nishikata.

The plot is quite simple. Nishikata exists=Takagi-san bothers him. There’s obviously some character development that is very fun to watch, but you’ll have to see it yourself.

The artwork is… special? When I first saw I had this little weird feeling that their heads were way too big. But other than it is smooth and satisfying to watch. They are cute characters. Period. The backgrounds are well drawn in my opinion and it looks very natural to the eye, like you would believe those are real places.

I’ll have to stand up right here and say music is not one of the strengths of the series. It is good but not remarkable. Sometimes it just brakes the atmosphere with the transitions from serious character development to silly scenes of people walking in a hallway or something like that. And openings are quite soft for my taste. However, voice acting (Japanese) was perfect. Their voices fitted perfectly the personalities portrayed.

If you want to have some good laughs and enjoy your afternoon make sure you don’t take this anime too serious and just let it be, you will love it. 100% enjoyable.
Overall: 8