Feb 13, 2020
xjermss (All reviews)
Usually the hero always prevails, overcomes the challenges, and things are back to normal.
What if the hero of the story failed and wasn't able to save the world?
We would be left with a bitter hero who now has to live with his failures and is thrown
into a state of hopelessness.

Story: 7
Steins;Gate 0 takes place after an alternate ending of episode 23 of the original Steins;Gate,
where Okabe fails and gives up. Life goes on and all things must come to an end, but Okabe finds himself
stuck in the past. Okabe must then be forced to move on to change the future that lies ahead for them and
find the true Steins;Gate.
I have to admit that even though I liked this concept, it didn't hit the same way the original
Steins;Gate story did. Things often felt a little bland and slow in the middle of the series.
However, the last few episodes really made up for everything and tied all lose ends that
the original ending had. Still a really great story with a new perspective from the original.

Art: 7
The animation and art was nothing special that would blow your mind away. However,
the character designs stayed true to the visual novel and still looked like the original series.

Sound: 8
I enjoyed the music that was used, there were a few good tracks that I always like to listen to now.
Background music could have been better in some instances, but just a personal preference. Voice acting
was just as good as the original and nothing to criticize on that.

Characters: 6
What really made me fall in love with Steins;Gate, were the characters. Each one of the characters
from the original nicely tied with everyone and had distinct personalities that I enjoyed. I found
the characters in Steins;Gate 0 to be a little lacking compared to the original. I didn't feel that
same connection I had with the original and many of the characters were just in the background with
little to no input. The characters didn't have the same charm as before and I found this to be disappointing.
However, I did enjoy Okabe's character in this part. People might disagree since he was mostly depressed and
I can understand why but I think this was the best outcome for our main protagonist. Anyone would
be in state he was after going through the things he did, it's a miracle he is still functional. However,
the ending when he returned to his "mad scientist" persona was really good to see and made me appreciate
his character more.

Enjoyment: 7
Despite this low score, I really hate to have finished this series because I really loved
the story and characters. I didn't want it to end, but like all great things, they must come to an end.
The ending was the best part of the series and really made me happy with the way it ended. Not many
shows can accomplish a satisfying ending like this. I recommend to watch this after the original Steins;Gate,
not in chronological order, as this is the better route to take. Overall, a good anime and really
happy to have been able to experience this

My Score: 7 (Good)

Thanks for reading :-)