Feb 13, 2020
joey_iceblue (All reviews)
1. Pros:
- More or less same as season 1
- Superb soundtrack
- Feels incoming

2. Cons:
- Some character developments were skipped, just like season 1.
- More plot holes compared season 1 (due to slight deviation from manga).

Long review:

Overall same comments as Season 1, with some additional comments.


- much more feels in season 2 compared to season 1. Sad backstories from korosensei, and also the moment during koro sensei is separated from the students really gave me feels throughout the few episodes.
- I read the manga afterwards, and the manga executes the story many times better, examples:
1. certain character arcs are missing (Takebayashi arc explained in ova with limited subtitles, certain character depth in Karasuma, Itona, Karma, etc. are also missing).
2. plot holes in anime are explained better in manga (e.g. how Lovro escaped death, how Yanagisawa and Reaper 2.0 infiltrate the anti-korosensei barrier,etc.)

Art: same as Season 1

Sound: superbly done, soundtracks really hit the feels at many times (Itona and Aguri backstory, Koro sensei caged arc).

Character: good development of character from season 1, however some characters in season 2 seems to be cast aside (see Story section).

Enjoyment: Finished the series in one seating at dawn, definitely enjoy the anime.

Overall: same as season 1, totally recommend the series after watching season 1, however do check the manga while at it.