Feb 13, 2020
Hyouron (All reviews)
Jumping off from the synopsis shared by MAL, Dr. Stone brings humanity to the stone age, with students of modern minds. It presents ethical, moral, and of course, survival dilemmas. This causes the audience to imagine, "what would I do if I were in their situation?" and increases the buy-in. Though it has post-apocalyptic themes, there was enough humor to make the series light and entertaining.

The anime could have been rated higher. However, there were far too many coincidences that were convenient to push the plot along, such a genius high schooler who could save the world (and many other things that come with what that genius is able to pull out, but will refrain from divulging these to prevent any spoilers).

What was appreciated in the series was the background story of the main character. He wasn't just labeled as a smart guy; he really worked his way as a young scientist. There were also other interesting characters that got the story going.

Generally, Dr. Stone was very enjoyable and fun to watch; would definitely recommend it.