Feb 13, 2020
Jacuzzi_Splotz (All reviews)
(Never wrote a review before but hey why not, right?)

Haikyuu!!: To The Top continues to be my favorite sports anime. It has everything one could ask for, drama, comedy, superb action and a well rounded cast of characters.

Story: The story is still going strong. While this current arc is not being well received, I believe the show is consistent with what they have delivered so far. A well mix of drama, comedy, and action. Season 3 was an entire match (people seem to forget it was nonstop action), season 4 has slowed the pace to show the impact the conclusion of last season. Haikyuu!!: To The Top is addressing a certain story-line brought up in the previous season, Hinata's will to grow and improve.

Art: The art for Haikyuu is consistent throughout every season. It has been top notch since season one and has been polished with every season. The one thing I love about this show is that they show all the mechanics of players. Very rarely are there still frame shots of players scoring. An example of an anime that has poor animation during action sequences is Aihiru no Sora. Sora is like watching a PowerPoint presentation of a game.

Sound: Sound is great per usual. From the sounds of players killing the ball to the sound of their sneakers skidding across the gym floor, all around great. Why did I give it an 8? Not a fan of the opening. :P

Character: Hinata is easily one of my favorite protagonists. There have been way too many moments where I have teared up from watching his growth, failures, and triumphs. All the supporting characters are entertaining can easily have a spin off series (completely opinion).

Enjoyment: I am sure you can tell by what I've written that I love this season. While I do not think it is for everyone who was expecting non-stop games, I am believe that if you love the Haikyuu story then you can look past this season being a slower pace to flesh characters out.

Overall: There isn't much wrong with Haikyuu!!: To The Top besides the fact that it is only a whopping 13 episodes after a few years of waiting. At the end of the day, there are plenty of shows to watch in the meantime.

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