Feb 12, 2020
Nisekoi (Manga) add (All reviews)
FishTomato (All reviews)

Story - 9/10 (Until Chapter 200); 7.5/10 (Chapter 200+)

I have a lot of mixed feelings about the story of this manga, at first I really enjoyed it even though most chapters were filler and did nothing to further the plot. The thing is I really enjoyed these characters so I didn’t mind. Going to the last 50 chapters I was really hyped to get the answers to the mystery about the promised girl and the locket. After reading these chapters I was really disappointed on how rushed everything felt and the conclusion of who Raku chose. This might have been because Raku chose Chitoge and i rooted for Onodera but this wasn’t the case for most of the manga. Throughout the first half I rooted for Chitoge but then felt as though Raku and Chitoge didn’t have a good chemistry romantically and as the story progressed, it really felt like Raku’s feelings for Chitoge felt forced. For a third of the story Raku was in love with Onodera and then at the end he chose Chitoge, which made no sense. The story until chapter 200 is 9/10, the last 30 chapters is a 7.5/10.

Characters - 8/10

The characters of this manga were very enjoyable but is the least impressive aspect of Nisekoi. Some characters got a lot more screen time than others which I didn’t mind because for the most part, I enjoyed all the characters by the end of the story. Each of the main girls got their moments that really made them more likable.

The main character of the story is Raku, most of the events that happened center around him and he’s an okay character, I don’t have any negative or positive things to say about him. Chitoge is the main girl of the story which is a fun character that I enjoyed from start to end, she doesn’t have much going for her in my opinion but heavily developed as she got the most screen time. Onodera is the other main love interest of Raku and didn’t develop as much as Chitoge but was still one of my favorite characters. Tsugumi was a character that received a lot of character development, she became one of the best characters by the end of the story. Marika was a character I didn’t like at first because of how clingy is but upon learning why, she becomes a really great character that you’d feel bad for. Ruri is one of my favorite characters in Nisekoi despite how little screen time she gets, the chapter focusing on her was one of my favorites because it was so sweet. Her development is also really great, accepting why she feels the way she does for Shuu, who she thought she hated for the longest time. Yui is introduced later on and is a decent character, despite having a sad backstory I didn’t really feel sympathy for her.

Art - 10

The art of Nisekoi is really great, it has one of the best art styles I’ve seen, it's really detailed and the character design is great. Most characters look distinguishable and unique. Most chapters featured good-looking and consistent art.

Enjoyment - 8

Up until the end of the story I would have given Nisekoi a 9 because of how enjoyable it is for me, despite the filler the character interactions were really good and very rarely did I want to skip a chapter because it had nothing to do with the plot. That being said the ending was really rushed and really lessened the enjoyment I got from reading the manga. I would still recommend Nisekoi to anyone who has time reading 200+ chapters.