Dec 21, 2010
imortal-requiem (All reviews)
Normally I don't review series, even if I really love them, but one very negative review on this series that I bumped into prompted me to want to give it as much credit as possible.

I am a 18 year old girl. I love anime, but I'm not anti-social or any other stereotype that really fits otaku. I have plenty of friends who think anime in general is weird. And I, possibly the most 'normal' out of all my otaku friends, LOVED this anime.

The art is amazing. especially when contrasted with the characters. I adored how they made the lead male a bishi without having his character be a total soft-hearted pussy, like they do in almost every harem anime I've ever seen!

That being said, normally I don't even go for harem anime, but this one was very... sincere? I think that's a good way to put it. It really made the best of each arch, so that I felt good and satisfied when the happy ending was reached for each pairing. Even the twincest arch, which I'd never have pinned myself as being a particular fan of.

On top of all this, the voice acting is very high quality. A lot of the time, what I find in more obscure anime, especially ones like this, is that they supplement their budget by having crappy voice actors. Not Yosuga no Sora. The voice acting was actually very noticeably better than even some mainstream stuff out there.

Overall, I'd say the rating should depend on what you're looking for. When I try to rate anime, I do it based on how someone looking for that genre would rate it. Like, I wouldn't grade Code Geass by the same criteria I would grade Princess Princess. So, that being taken into account, this is an awesome series for those who can go into it with an open mind, and look at the good qualities. The soft-core porn is just a bonus XP