Feb 12, 2020
Ruen019 (All reviews)
Story: 9/10
The only reason why I rated this 9/10 is because I was seriously thrown into a confusing loop that I didn't know what was going on in the middle of the story. Especially with this supernatural thing going on. However, by the end of it, I thought that this story was told in a way that really makes you think. Like how Shimao's character was presented, to be honest. It's a beautiful drama story, if you ask me.

Art: 10/10
Dude, the art. It's so pleasing to look at. It's not your usual aesthetic or over-toned art that's commonly used in common mangas nowadays, but it was drawn in a straightforward way. Only going hardcore on panels/pages where it really matters. With this kind of art style, it personally brings out more impact to important and symbolic parts the story has to bring. The characters really felt alive when I look at them.

Character: 10/10
At first, our main lead Hazuki might seem like one of your usual common tropes in these type of stories. However, it's seriously amazing how his development as a character was seen at the end. The story was written in a way where Hazuki wasn't able to show up like how main characters really are, but seeing his journey makes you grow along with him. That's why the end really hit hard for me. Aside from that, our female lead Rokka-chan is a character you don't usually see as a main. To be honest, I really love how she felt so real and I only hope to dream that more stories with her type of character show up. And Shimao, my dude, his character is so complex. I love how his personality from before still is the same after, the same goes with his line of thinking. It's the kind of passive thinking where it's just a thought that passes your mind, but it's really thought-provoking. Only with him with his own experiences can feel something like that.

Enjoyment: 9/10
I only deducted a point out of that because my heart fell a lot. I was in limbo, then suddenly dropped then back at limbo again. By the time I reached the end, my tear ducts exploded. Tears won't drop, but I felt like wailing so much and I didn't appreciate that. Seriously, though, I enjoyed the journey of reading through this. It was a short, hard-hitting series and this is just the type of drama that I like. With a hint of the supernatural, of course.

Overall: 10/10
I empathized and sympathized a lot with the characters and situations in this series and it's amazing how this manga can make me feel this way. Like I said above, the story was written in a way where the dialogue and references/symbols might confuse at first, but it provides a great journey and will certainly make you feel things. The art is appropriate enough for the mood of the story, and simple things scattered in every panel will make you appreciate the story, symbols and characters more. Each character was different, even supporting characters, and their thoughts really show throughout their dialogue. The struggle of real life emotions about the other side and their loved ones can also be seen, although it's a bit more romanticized. It's certainly worth the read for a heavy-mood reading person that I am, and you should at least give it a try even if you don't feel the same feelings that I did. The story is worth sharing.