Dec 21, 2010
susuwatari (All reviews)
What is right and wrong? Who decides this anyway? When the time comes, will you do things based on what you think is right, or what other people say is?

When I first started watching this, it was some form of a "guilty pleasure" decision, while I thought it was going to be just another under-developed hentai (or half-hentai, as I used to call it). I was very pleasantly surprised.
Believe me, this is NOT a hentai. Yes, the main character does have sex with multiple girls over the course of the series, but these scenes have a meaning. More important thing is how they got to it, the story behind each girl, more than just the act of having sex.

This was made after a visual novel, so it's reasonable that every girl gets a story. Still, in this anime, stories are seperated from each other and only in the last arc, some of the elements from other ones come together. It is obvious that every story, a lot of things change related to each other, but I think it would be more correct to say that the only thing that's really changed is one: the main character.

One of the main reasons why I started watching this anime, was the art. Everything was done fluid and crisp; I equally enjoyed watching the nature and surroundings, and... hmm... body parts. (lol) The people seem real, and the girls are differently built (I really hate it when in anime, all girls look the same). The endings of each episode are made using chibi art, with normal one only used during a ecchi scene. I thought Akira's enourmous chibi head was hilarious, though xD

Sound is great too, both voice actors and music. The background music was done nicely, and it didn't feel weird in any part.

In the beginning, the characters seem chiched and boring: tsundere girl, meganekko slut, awkward class president, childish/mature girl convo... but at the end almost every character has depth.
During the different timelines, as Haruka's personality changes for a little, girls' personalities change a little too. Maybe out of jealousy, the non-main girls become much less likeable than they are in their own arc, even though it is made that the personalities are believable: they didn't change the essence, only circumstances.

Haruka is a main character out of the cliche from the very beginning. Even though he isn't one of the typical male harem leads, he seems a little too perfect; nice and charming, so much that all the girls love him. Though, he is a "Prince Charming" only on the surface; when the time comes for it, he becomes undecisive and weak. The thing changing over the acrs isn't only the girl he likes, it's his personality as well. Even though, in the end, he always stays the same.

Sora is a troubled girl, so much that you can't actually hate her, even if you try. She is clingy, moody, dishonest and insecure, maybe because of the time spent at a hospital that made her delicate like a doll. But, unlike Haru, she knows exactly what she wants and doesn't care what others'll think about it. And it is, being with Haru.

Aside from the main arc's, the other timelines' heroines were likeable too: at the start, Nao seems annoying for some reason, but every time there is a need, whichever timeline, she is there to help like an older sister of some sort. Akira reminds me of those theather masks that only have smile on them: regardless the situation, she will mask everything with a smile. Kazuha tries and tries to be like a strict older sister, despite her real gentle personality.

The order of arcs was the backwards one of my enjoyment as well. I liked the Kazuha one the least, Akira a little more, and so. Motoka chibis in the ending were hilarious, too.

If insecure, try to make the best decision possible. At the end, at least one person must be hurt, and that is the natural course of things. When loving someone, you shouldn't care what other people think or say. That's what I think, at least!

I enjoyed this "half-hentai" a lot more than I previously thought. :)