Feb 10, 2020
JennyNoelle (All reviews)
Tianjiang Xianshu Nan, or Tian Jiang Xian Shu Nan, is one of my favorite manhua/s. I frequently re-read it to this day.

The art is very good, even with the watermarks (it eventually gets better). It's very vibrant and colorful, with plenty of pretty visuals.

The characters are likable, and effectively comedic.

The story is engaging, with many story arcs and long chapters. It is one of the few stories I know that breaks-down gender roles and stereotypes. Believe it or not, the protagonist doesn't end up with the tsundere bad boy!

Overall, it's a good read, and one I thoroughly recommend.

If you like Mizutama Honey Boy or Otomen, you will probably like this for the breaking-down of gender roles alone. In terms of art, it has a similar style to many of the translation team's other manhua projects.