Feb 10, 2020
SoulReaper85 (All reviews)
Have you ever wondered about the proccess of making a Ecchi Manga specially. If you're a fan of Bakuman or have a guilty pleasure for Kiss x Sis and like GOOD ecchi slice of life comedy than this is something for you.
The Premise is basically what you're going to get out of this manga but it's the way the Author executes on it and that makes it a fun and enjoyable to read and that's all it needed to be, Like Why the Hell are you Here Teacher.
Author: Ryouhei Yamamoto
Genres: Comedy, Ecchi, Shounen, Slice of Life,
Magazine: Shounen Jump+

[B] Synopsis
A screwball Ecchi Romantic Comedy about a Young Romcom Mangaka serializing in Jump working alongside his 2 sisters as Assistants who are madly in love him.
Despite the premise, I really like these types of stories of young people trying to make it in the Industry of Jump and this manga seems to capture that really well through the Characters trying to survive the constant deadlines. But it decides to go about it in a fun Ecchi way with the Dialougue banter between the Sisters and the INTENDED Sexual Humor between the Characters and their dynamics. The Manga is mainly Episodic with 2 chap arcs from time to time and there's always a sense of continuity which I find great in a comedy

[B] Comedy and Ecchi
Most of the Comedy derives from the MC doing various weird Ecchi shit with his Sisters who are willing to assist him in any shape of form like poses, feeling them up, drawing their figures, or use them as some form of inspiration and new ideas and replicate that into his Manga so he soar through the Rankings. There are a multitude of unique reactions to their actions that don't fall into sterotypical surprise reactions but a little bit ridiculously nature with good Dialougue Exchanges.
The Manga also comedically explores the Characters independently in their daily lives and fleshes them out through absurd situations that may fall into sterotypical Situational and/or Misunderstanding humor but always do it in a very comedically engaging way. I really liked the extent the characters are willing to go in a very absurd and sexy manner so they keep the Manga in Serialization which really reflects a Mangaka's Life in a Nonsensical Manner.

It later on adds in Side Characters and focus in on their Quirks and personalities and how it's shown in their everyday lifes or around they interact with other characters. One of my personal favorite is the Editor who's basically a "Woman of Culture" and mega pervert with a decent taste of fetishes but tries do her best at her Job and helping the MC and she's always a good time when on Screen since she can be very absurd as well.

I also really like the the MC's rival ecchi loli Mangaka who's the But of his Loli Jokes and kinda acts as his Superior when it comes to Manga Sales but can be there to guide him with his Ecchi Manga by offering him advice
I can Appreciate the kind of Meta it has with the MC trying to make his trashy Rom make it in Jump just as the Author is Doing in Jump+ with this manga when talks about how Authors put thier Fetishes into his Works like Oh! Great with Tenjou Tenge and Air Gear.
The Ecchi is very top tier with this Manga because it's really good to catering to different fetishes like the Tanned Imouto, Big Breasted Onee San, Big Breasted Office Lady, 13 yr old Big Breasted Loli( Okay your going to see a decent number of breasts in a consumable manner), Short no tit Loli Sensei, Bondage, Finger licking, Swimsuits and Outfits, Masturbation, Character Angles, Gender Bender, Panty Shots, Nudity and well drawn Nipples there's something for every Ecchi fan and the Author always deliver in a satisfying ARTISTIC Manner with way they way he panels and his Character Designs.
I swear the Character Art is FUCKING GOOD because they are so polished and detailed and he draw their reactions and is a very important driving force for Good Ecchi. Also, The Ecchi are done with Intend from Both Characters involved and refuses to be shy about it and prefer to be open about it. There's also a Decent amount of Sexual Humor that come from the personalities of the Characters

[B] Characters
The Characters are pretty typical with your MC aiming to be a Good Manga Artist to support his Sisters after dropping out of School, the Tanned Imouto( My Favorite) who loves her Big Bro and willingly to do anything to help him and jealous of big breasts , The Big Breasted Onee san that wants to spoil the MC and looks after him Wholesomely, and the Side Characters I mentioned previously, there's also a rookie Female Mangaka Duo sisters. They have good interactions and it's fun seeing them together and working.[IMG=0BD]

[B] Overall
It's a Solidly Fun Manga for people that like Ecchi and the Creativity of the Sexual humor it comes with and people that kind of a Dengerate but choose not to care as much and take it as they come. But this is Clearly not For Everyone since it can be Incestuous and Jailbaitly and Jokes may get a Little repetitive but the Manga is still fun.

7/10 Manga