Feb 10, 2020
ixaa (All reviews)
Dosanko Gal is a pretty great manga... up until the point where it became a harem. I have to admit I really enjoyed the manga in the beginning— there was a cute girl doing very cute and funny things, and an MC who maybe didn’t seem hopelessly dense when it comes to love. But alas we can’t always have our cake and eat it too.

Unfortunately I had too high of expectations when I thought this MC could actually recognize and realize the main girl’s feelings. No matter what type of romantic or sexual advance main gal makes, our virgin boy always somehow dismissed it or turns it platonic. For example, in one chapter, our main gal straight up sends a photo of herself in the bathtub to MC, yet he has the audacity and lack of brain capacity to respond with, “You’re very serious about taking care of your beauty! I really admire that!” Like NO sir, she was trying to get you to fuck her, not praise her skin routine. It is like this with practically every girl he encounters— main girl #1, main girl #2, and probably main girl #3.

Despite MC being as dense as a brick, and despite the manga steering into a harem route (which I personally think is unneeded), there are still enjoyable things about this manga. Every main girl is genuinely a likeable character. They all compete for MC’s love and affection while still being friends and maintaining a good relationship with each other which is pretty respectable. And somehow I also still think that MC is an adorable and loveable character— he just needs to work on his density.

Other pros: Good art, funny story, light ecchi (not too much and not too little, just the way I like it), very regionalistic as Hokkaido culture is apart of the manga.

Overall, could this manga be improved? 1000000% yes. Should you still read it even though it has flaws? Yes, yes you should.