Mar 21, 2008
martusf (All reviews)
This is the sequel of Maria-sama ga Miteru, about the all-girl-school Lillian academy and its students.

It continues straight of from where the first season ended, with pretty much separate episodes about the different girls. This time even more of the girls get their back stories explained, and there is quite a bit drama in this as well. Every episode was good and the last three specially. The last episode is perhaps one of the best final episodes I’ve ever seen. The show really played on some of my heartstrings all the way, and it was really well made.

Looked a little better than season one, but still wasn’t super. Character designs were good, and the characters looked cute. The design for Yumi is just great. Still I felt something lacked.

OP and ED are the same as the first season, and they didn’t please me that much. Background music consisted of classical themes, and they contribute much to the general feel of the anime. It isn’t music I usually like, though. Voicing was good, with starring many good actors.

Characters are the same as in season one, plus a few new ones. The old ones are great (many of who get episodes dedicated to them, many nice back stories). I also got my dose of Sachiko x Yumi, who got some nice moments. I liked the new characters, especially Noriko, and the characters remain as Maria-sama’s best field, and that’s good, since the show is pretty much a character drama.

It was a nice watch, not as good as the first season though. The series still had plenty of humour and drama, and I liked it very much. But I didn’t quite enjoy it as much as I’d liked to.

I’d put this behind season one by a little margin, but it still was a really good show. The only major con is that it’s a little too alike too the first season, but I guess that was the intention, they aired relatively short after one another. If you have watched Maria-sama ga Miteru, pick this up, since it’s more of the same really.