Feb 9, 2020
Foxyclaws (All reviews)
Fushigi Neko no Kyuu-chan is a 4-koma manga about a guy living with his cat that doesn´t behave like any normal cat (more like a dog, really). This cat is extremely grateful that the dude gave him home and tries to do everything he can for the guy. That is the whole manga basically. And that´s not a bad thing because this is one of those cutesy feel good mangas.

There is really not much going on when it comes to story. Characters live their daily lives, cat does something cute, end of chapter. I mean worst thing that happens over there is rain. So if you want something with actual story I suggest looking elsewhere.

Art is very basic, with cutesy colors (mainly pink). When it comes to characters there are two main - guy and cat Kyuu, and some recurring that are not very important.

When it comes to enjoyment, I think this is fine manga. It´s not awfully intricate, doesn´t have complicated story so it´s one of those mangas that you can relax by reading them. Like a nice cup of tea after hard day. My main problem with it is that it´s overly sweet. Like a cup of tea that you dump like a half a bowl of sugar. It´s still nice, but you just can´t drink much of it in one go.