Feb 9, 2020
Eoussama (All reviews)
Everything we loved about the original but shrunk into a 2-minute bite-sized dose. So good that you want more.
For a year of waiting have I stared at this unwatched entry on my waiting list, hoping that it will drop soon so I get to enjoy more of Honda-san's daily struggles at his job, bit by bit, the anticipation turned into a daunting wait, accumulating the dying hype that it turned into a raw “Can this drop already so I can get it down with?”.
And oh boy did it remind me of the reason I stayed faithful with my waiting to.

The classic Otaku cultured humor we can to love is all restored in the blink of an eye, so nostalgic and heartwarming, you start wishing for a full-on season. We can only hope for one, I hope.