Feb 8, 2020
Burning_Light (All reviews)
Coming from the incredible Karasuno vs Shiratorizawa season, I expected much more for this one.

·Story: 6

Many people consider training as a way of learning but, when it comes to this anime (where most of the eps are related to that), this season is focusing too much on it.

Because of the few character development so far, no emotion or hype to see what happens next and many other things, I have concluded that these first 5 eps are some of the worst in whole anime history of Haikyuu.

·Art: 8

Art hasn't changed that much from other seasons. Something that I could notice is that the scenes have become smoother and lighter, which doesn't give that sense of intensity that other seasons had.

·Sound: 7

Effects and background music have got worse in my opinion or maybe hasn't appeared a chance to introduce better ones. Anyways the OP and ED are good and I hope the music will give me more hype in the next eps.

·Character: 6

As I said before the personalities of the mcs haven't changed at all. Maybe they have more ideas for their play style, but that's all.

The plot isn't helping them to develop and I think that they are stuck because of this.

·Enjoyment: 7

Not a big fan of volley but I'm still eating the eps, which is something strange for me because I usually leave apart series that are boring.

Nevertheless, this section is much more subjective than the others and it depends on you :D

·Overall: 7

So far I can say it's good. If it continues in this line I will grade it with a 6, but I hope it gets better and we can enjoy some hype from this anime.

Thanks for reading :D