Feb 6, 2020
24hourlive (All reviews)
If you like the gag, repetitive jokes, misunderstanding taken to the extreme then look no further than this novel. A story about a guy suffer from extreme chuunibyou syndrome. It started out quite interesting with MC spewing crap about a secret cliche organization in a typical Isekai world whose goal is to revive the long dead demon lord. After years of picking up orphans, destroying countless of their lairs MC brain is still too stupid to even think of the mere chances his crap may have so truth in it. I mean after the xth cave you blow up that all of your "underling" claim it contain sign of demonic summoning, blood sacrifice, every enemy you fight spewing stuff like "you can stop me but you won't be able to stop his revival", MC might have figure out something but nope, nope not happening. He is still the idiotic moron who think everything is a elaborate play made by his lovely underling and all the villain he kill also suffer from extreme chuunibyou syndrome.

The reason why all of his underling never found out why he is a moron cause everything he did miraculously turn into a good thing. Got lost after entering the bad guy cave ? The big bad boss came running straight at you. Don't know what the villain up to ? Spew some crap like "if I am them, I will be kidnapping the princess" and what do you know, the castle got blown up and the princess been kidnapped. This dude don't "do" anything. He just say crap and the author make it happen. If you are here to follow the gag then sure it is a nice read but after the umteenth time it happen and the MC is still behaving like a blabbering buffoon, I just give up.