Feb 4, 2020
elkensteyin (All reviews)
I know it's just a hentai, but sometimes I really wish the authors would actually think about what they're writing. Let's see what we have here:

1 - Demi humans need help with conceiving offspring. OK
2 - Humans setup an 'assistance program' to help demi-humans conceive by pairing them with partners. OK
3 - Elven Princess comes to Earth to participate in the assistance OK
4 - She is paired with her ugly professor who has no social status in the world and has bad eyesight: NOT OK

Um... hello - even if social status isn't important, you'd think genetics are (glasses and ugly).

Ofc, the animation quality was sub-par, especially regarding the source material - also, the silly thing kept skipping back and forth in time and the 'scenes' were really poorly made.

And yes, it's anime (and hentai) so allowances can be made. There is a point where those allowances just aren't enough - it's just the sheer lack of common sense here baffles me

(note everything stated in this review is explained in the first 90 seconds of the 1st episode, so no real spoilers here)