Feb 1, 2020
MothaClucker (All reviews)

Now that Kageyama is back from his running career, the new season of the highly anticipated sport anime is here.

Although, matching the hype that was season 3 is going to be hard.

One thing that is right away noticeable is the art design change, not that drastic but the softer and bulkier design doesn't seem quite right. Especially when they are playing. The slender and longer designs of the previous seasons complemented the sharp and smooth animation. The new designs do not as much. This might be seem like a minor detail but it is noticeable in motion. Maybe the animators will prove my dumbass wrong, who knows.

Being that this is a part one of two, this is most likely going to a training arc so the character development with the two mains better make up for the lack of hype matches. It looks to be promising but director Mitsunaka is out so I am unsure. Not to put dirt on the new director who's work on episodes of Haikyuu before, directing changes most of the time are unwelcoming and dogshit. Otherwise, the episodes have been fairly good coming from someone who hates training arcs.

The sound is great but there are times where the lack of music makes a scene feel awkward. Might be relying too much on music to mask silence of scenes. OSTs should be used to be enhance the story not to feel up space.
(alot of shows do this too)

I know I've been sort of taking a shit on the show but I do infact enjoy the series, it is one of the better show and the few sports animes that I like. I just hope it lives up to the hype and gets better as the season goes on.

Also, underrated ED song?