Feb 1, 2020
Ellenwitch (All reviews)
This show honestly makes me want to read the manga, it's really a great show.

Being that I have an interest in Youkai and that kind of culture. This is the right show for me, and it can be for you! Here are reasons why!

The story has a vast number of interesting points. From it's great characters, one which being Kotoko whom despite looking tiny, and having one real leg and one real eye, is not only quite smart, full of spunk and wisdom, but honestly a badass in some scenes. She really is great. While the mystery behind Kurou is a good plot device to move the show forward. As the story follows the two, protecting Youkai from far more dangerous Youkai, and such.

The op is for sure one of my favorites of the season. The visuals for the opening are really different too. An intense and great opening. The sounds in the anime in general are very fitting also.

While the art style is on point once again, along with the animation in general. The first few episodes really show it. From being the right kind of dark and gritty, to being the right tone of brightness during day scenes.

All in all a great show for this season that you should watch with us all!